Digital Citezenship POE: Question 7

Question 7

Digital Security

There is always a possibility of cyber security risks when we’re using the internet. With the world moving into a more modern use of technology, the hacking of smartphones has shown an increase to a very high degree in 2015.

Smartphones have become a more popular source of financial transactions, because of this hackers are enabled to access and hack these mobile phones with use of the corporate networks that the mobile phones use to work, things such as e-mails, contacts, authentication measures and apps make it much easier for the hacker to gain information, once the hacker has tapped into the mobile phone.

(Cio, 2016)



Figure 1: American News Report, 2014

It is always important to be aware and extra safe when using the internet, keeping personal information safe is essential when using the internet. Practicing things such as not opening dodgy e-mails and avoiding visiting sites that claim you have won something, assist in avoiding hacking.










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